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Counselling by video call 

Thanks for visiting my site. *Please note* that from September 2023, I will not be taking on any new clients for individual counselling because I will be involved in a pilot with the charity Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK). I will be running online therapeutic support groups for people living with Muscular Dystrophy. If you (or someone you care for) lives with the condition and you are interested in being a part of this, do contact MDUK to find out more. I will let you know when my books reopen for private one-to-one therapy work. 

Life is often full and sometimes complicated. It can be a struggle to get out to attend regular, face-to-face appointments. Or perhaps the anonymity of online counselling appeals to you. Whatever the reason, there are many benefits to counselling via video call. Here are a few:



  • More realistic option for parents with young children struggling to balance life, work, appointments and babysitters

  • Access for people with disabilities or chronic illness, and their carers

  • Access for those who live in remote areas

  • Time saving, comfort and convenience

  • Ideal for those who relocate or travel for work

  • No travel costs to and from sessions

  • Can fit around your life, rather than juggling life to fit around counselling

  • Therapy from anywhere in the world

  • Can provide more of a sense of anonymity for those who would struggle with face-to-face counselling

  • Beneficial for those suffering from social anxiety or agoraphobia

  • Personal preference for this style of counselling

Please note that in the instance of domestic violence, serious mental illness or significant struggles around suicide, finding face-to-face support in your immediate local area (with the relevant health professional) is the most appropriate route to take. It is part of my duty of care as a counsellor to signpost people to the most helpful support for them, in order to keep themselves and others physically and emotionally safe. Therefore if I feel that video counselling is not the best option for you, I will always let you know this  from the first point of contact or during the first video session. 

Please also note that although I work under British Law, my professional indemnity insurance covers me for working with clients overseas. This means that I am able to work with English-speaking clients from different parts of the world. However, before agreeing to commence work with a new client, I will always check the legal situation within each client's country of residence, making sure that my counselling business model meets government requirements and regulations within that country. 

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